The Kingsland Story
Lin Kingsrød got her first horse and stable when she was 12 and lived in a small town outside Oslo, Norway. "I was not allowed to go to the stable before the school work was fully completed so I got to be pretty focused and effective", she says. Now, her company is 12 years old and operates in 29 countries. The Kingsland Collection is sold through more than 1.000 Equestrian stores worldwide. 
Lin missed something new and better when she was a competitive rider. -Even the breeches missed something, she says. So she designed her own narrow line and established a storage facility at her house. The design was traditional but the quality and fit was a horseshoe ahead. As a competitor on a high level, Lin knew the Equestrian world. She packed
some boxes with samples and took off to horse shows, trade shows and international competitions. “I travelled around with my brown boxes for 3 years”, explains Lin. “I know everything about the challenges of travelling with both horses and a collection in a horse carrier, trying to make a living. I sold out of those boxes, one item at the time. I designed, packed, talked, hauled, travelled, pushed and prayed. Soon, some of the big riding names discovered that I actually carried something new and better”.



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